There will be a PAR-TAY on Eloise Greenfield Day and every day thereafter!

If you are in the DC area on Sunday, April 22, please give a little love to Eloise Greenfield and her latest book-child — PAR-TAY! Dance Of The Veggies (And Their Friends) 

Leading up to Eloise Greenfield Day, Sankofa Video and Books is hosting a week long oral history project based on the three-generation memoir of Eloise Greenfield and her mother, Lessie Jones Little. This celebrated memoir, Childtimes, is the inspiration behind getting the current community to record their memories prior to Eloise Greenfield Day!

Eloise Greenfield Day Flyer (002)

Children’s Book Week Bookmark by Don Tate

Don Tate's Bookmark

With these smiling faces, perhaps they are all reading about veggies having an epic dance PAR-TAY! Don Tate’s illustrations for PAR-TAY! Dance of the Veggies (and Their Friends) by Eloise Greenfield do make you smile. Congratulations on this bookmark, Don. Love when children can see themselves represented. Thank you.