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Below is a photo of the Coretta Scott King – Virginia Hamilton Lifetime Achievement Award Medal from 2012 when it was awarded to Ashley Bryan. That was the same year Alazar Press published new editions of his two volumes of spirituals – Walk Together Children and I’m Going To Sing.

Eloise Greenfield’s Coretta Scott King – Virginia Hamilton Lifetime Achievement Award Medal will be engraved with the year 2018. That is the same year Alazar Press is publishing her new title – PAR-TAY! Dance of the Veggies (and Their Friends).

What a privilege it is to be Alazar Press! Congratulations, Eloise Greenfield!

Virginia Hamilton, thank you for all you gave us.

The Actual Virginia Hamilton Award

Eloise Greenfield is awarded the Coretta Scott King – Virginia Hamilton Award for Lifetime Achievement

What an achievement!

“About the Coretta Scott King – Virginia Hamilton Award for Lifetime AchievementĀ 
To recognize an African American author, illustrator, or author/illustrator for a body of his or her published books for children and/or young adults who has made a significant and lasting literary contribution. The Award pays tribute to the late Virginia Hamilton and the quality and magnitude of her exemplary contributions through her literature and advocacy for children and youth, especially in her focus on African American life, history and consciousness. “

With a new book release around the corner, there is an addition to Ms. Greenfield’s impressive body of work. PAR-TAY! Dance of the Veggies (and Their Friends) is available for pre-order wherever you buy your books.

Congratulations, Eloise Greenfield! Thank you for all you have created for the children, their families, and their teachers.



O Freedom

O Freedom From Walk Together Children

Inside of Walk Together Children, Black American Spirituals Volume OneĀ are linocut images with accompanying musical notation and lyrics created by enslaved Africans and their descendants. These beautiful songs are the religious songs of African people in the United States. Ashley Bryan used individually cut notes, time signatures, rests, sharps, flats and took his time printing each one in honor of the lives of those who had once been enslaved. With painstaking care, Ashley created his two volumes of Spirituals as a tribute to the musical genius that served as a vital resource for survival.

Black History All Year

Walk Together Children Cover in Color

Alazar Press published the new editions of Ashley Bryan’s celebrated selections of Black American Spirituals in 2012. The message of the words “Walk Together Children” is at the heart of our press. Our eyes are focused on publishing the highest quality children’s literature that is diverse and inclusive.