Charmingly told and artfully illustrated, Adventure Girl is perfect for any child who loves to dig in the dirt and make their own discoveries

Adventure Girl: Dabi Digs in Israel. Written and illustrated by Janice Hechter.

Charmingly told and artfully illustrated, Adventure Girl is perfect for any child who loves to dig in the dirt and make their own discoveries. Dabi flies to Israel with her family to visit her grandparents. She’s happy digging up worms and making mud sculptures, but her parents wish she would clean up and dress like a little lady. When her aunt comes to visit, she recognizes a kindred spirit and takes Dabi on an archeological dig. Dabi crawls into a cave, digs up dirt, and makes a fabulous discovery – a 3,500-year-old artifact! Her family is proud of her and Dabi loves being an Adventure Girl.

Told in kid-friendly text with plenty of vivid verbs, awesome alliteration and powerful onomatopoeia. The realistic illustrations bring the landscape of Israel to life and show Dabi’s adventurous spirit. The back matter gives more information about the Beit Guvrin National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Israel, where kids can join a dig, crawl into caves, and explore ruins of ancient cities.

Joy Nelkin Wieder, Author/Illustrator
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